Deputy Clerk Position - May 24, 2019

City of New Plymouth will be accepting applications to fill a temporary Deputy Clerk position and... [more...]

Change of City Council Meeting time - 6:00 PM - January 04, 2019

NOTICE: The times for the City Council meetings have been changed to 6:00 PM. If you have any que... [more...]


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Fall Clean-Up


City of New Plymouth Residents, 

Fall clean up is back!! The large dumpster will be behind New Plymouth City Hall as of Monday October 1st. The dumpster will be provided until Monday October 29th. The items brought in must be placed in the dumpster and not on the ground. For questions regarding the items you can place in the dumpster please contact Hardin Sanitation (208-642-2629).


Clay Peak Landfill is offered to Payette County residents year round. Follow the link below to find out more information.